For employers that have a well established employee benefit program in place, we take the time to fully understand the plans, including eligibility rules, coverage limits, and the fine print in the policies before making recommendations for changes.

When our recommendations include a marketing of the plans for competitive bids, we don’t simply return with the carriers proposals. Instead, prior to delivering rates we actively work with the carriers to negotiate for the best possible rates, terms and conditions for our client.

The initial review of the client’s or prospects requirements, problems, history, culture, including, but not limited to, plan designs and carriers, rate/fee histories, claims experience history, benefit eligible classes, and all other relevant data.

Initial recommendations would include strategies to consider and courses of action to be pursued such as improving plan design or carrier selection, reducing costs and administrative efforts, correcting compliance issues and developing a timetable for implementation.

The Marketing phase includes obtaining quotes from sources approved by the client.  Negotiating rates and obtaining the best possible terms and conditions is the key component of a successful Marketing.  Hollister actively works with the insurance companies, ensuring that a strong competitive bid yields the best possible results to our client.

A final recommendation is developed, based on the results of our marketing efforts.  After completing spreadsheet analysis focusing in on the strongest proposals, Hollister presents its findings and specific recommendations for client consideration.

Communication, enrollment, and installation are worked out by a project team consisting of the employer, Hollister, and when appropriate the selected insurers. This includes announcements, promotional material, employee meetings, and forms and enrollment data, all in accordance with a previously agreed upon schedule with input from all parties.

Support is then provided on a continuous basis throughout the year.  Hollister makes sure that insurers and providers deliver on all commitments and fulfill all obligations.  Hollister also gets involved in any serious claims disputes or related issues, and at any time a client requests our active involvement.